We are all still children at heart.

Mr. Incredible has just come out of superhero retirement and wants to start saving peoples live right away. He has had his job in the insurance industry for a long time and doesn’t know where to begin. He decided to create an online presence to help superhero groups find him and to connect with other superheroes.

His first step was creating a LinkedIn profile

  1. The most important part for Mr. Incredible was his picture. He wanted his picture to make him look like a superhero. He wanted it to be just him and not anyone else. It would be a bad idea for him to have a picture of him partying with his pal Frozone.
  2. The next step Mr. Incredible took was to list all the skills he has or that would be applicable to being a superhero. For example, he put that he has super strength and a heightened resistance to harm. Also, all of his five senses are enhanced.
  3. After he listed his skills, he put his previous work experience and his education down. He listed everything that he thought would look good. He put down his previous experience fighting evil and he listed his education and what schools he graduated from.
  4. Next he uploaded his resume to fill out the rest of his profile.
  5. He then asked his wife, who is also a superhero, and his befriend, Frozone, to write him a recommendation touting his skills and expertise in fighting crime.
  6. Finally, he connected with other other superheroes on LinkedIn by sending them a personal invitation to connect.
Good Profile Picture
Bad Profile Picture

For his second profile (because Mr. Incredible cannot manage more than one online profile at a time), Mr. Incredible wanted to create a Twitter profile.

  1. His first step was to pick an appropriate and professional Twitter handle, one that would include his name.
  2. Once again he had to pick a profile picture that seems professional, since he is trying to get a job.
  3. He had to type out a bio that would accurately describe who he is and what he is going to tweet about in 160 characters or less.
  4. After he found his picture and created a bio about himself, he started to follow people. He went to the website, www.wefollow.com, and looked for industry leaders in the superhero field. He found who was the most influential and followed them on Twitter.
  5. He retweeted what the industry leaders posted so they could see him name and Twitter handle in hopes of the industry leaders would know who he was.

In the end, Mr. Incredible, through his efforts on Twitter and LinkedIn, got a job interview with the “Super League of Heroes”. The League looked at his profile, liked what they saw, and decided that he would be a good fit with their group.

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