We are all still children at heart.

Ever since winning the World Gran Prix and showing the world who Miles Axlerod really was, Lightning McQueen has experienced a significant drop in public support. People view him as a thing of the past, that he cannot keep up with the newer racing cars. To improve his image, he decided to use his favorite social media site, Twitter. He started a hashtag campaign.

Lightning McQueen

He used the #McQueenStories hashtag to have people share stories of watching him race, how inspirational he is, and how he is a good person in general. This campaign however, backfired on him.

People “high-jacked” the hashtag and began to write horrible things about him. One user told the story of how Lightning McQueen refused to sign an autograph for his young son because he was wearing the wrong colors. Another user said that he saw McQueen breaking several laws in a matter of a few blocks.

If it was at all possible, Lightning McQueen is now viewed even less favorably in the public’s eye than before.

The same thing happened to McDonald.

The Golden Arches

They started a hashtag campaign using the slogan, #MeetTheFarmers. Their goal was to get people to understand where the food that they are eating comes from. Later, they revised their campaign to #McDStories. This latest hashtag caused a huge roar.

People began telling horror stories about the fast food giant. Some included people getting sick and not being able to ever eat meat again. While others claimed they have had a chipped tooth because of something in their burgers. What I can assume are animal activist used #McDStories to show video clips and picture about how inhumanly the animals that are used for meat and other products are treated.

As soon as it was hijacked, McDonald started to distance themselves from the hashtag. Deemed the “#McFail”, people still continued to berate the company with stories about their experience and how gross their food is.

However, their original hashtag, #MeetTheFarmers, was a success because no one on Twitter hijacked it and it remained.

Now only if Lightning McQueen can come up with a different hashtag that is not #McQueenStories, he might have a change to improve his public image.

For more information, click here. Or here.


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