We are all still children at heart.

By now, it is well know what happened at Penn St.

Jerry Sandusky was accused of touching young children in the shower at the Penn St. University athletic showers in 2002. After it was discovered that Joe Paterno and Mike McQueary had previous knowledge of the situation, the Board of Trustees decided to take action and fire Joe Paterno and later McQueary. After the President of the university said he would stand behind his University and not judge the accused until later, the Board of Trustees took action again, this time axing the President of the University, Graham Spanier, himself.

What the Board of Trustees didn’t account for was the outpouring of support for the President Spanier and Joe Pa.

What followed was nothing more than a disaster for the Board of Trustees.

They reacted without first thinking of the consequences. They were extremely quick and didn’t use rash judgment in the firing of Spanier and the most celebrated college football coach of our time. There were pictures upon pictures of students gathered around the Paterno household as well as by his stature that bears his likeness at Beaver Stadium.

If the Board of Trustees has thought through their decision then they would have seen that the best course of action was the one that the former president took, wait and see what happens.

To put this in lighter terms, this is similar to what Mater from Car had to go through in the second movie. He came across an international crisis but when he told people what he saw, they did not believe him. If Lightning McQueen waited until hearing all the facts instead of just jumping to conclusions, then things might have been different. Mater would have saved the day a lot earlier and a lot more cars would have been saved in the process.

Mater Tow

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