We are all still children at heart.

It took only a few rubs of a magic lamp for Aladdin’s life to completely change.

He went from a “street rat” to Prince in no time at all, and all it took was the voice of Robin Williams.

PR magic!

Of the three wishes the genie granted Aladdin, one was to be a Prince so he could catch the eye of the local Princess. He had seen her one day when she escaped the confines of her castle and set to roaming the streets of the city they both lived in. It was love at first sight for Aladdin but there was one problem; they were of a different social class and their marriage would be forbidden and shunned by everyone.

After his initial contact with the Princess, he was arrested, thrown in jail and then followed an old hermit into the desert. This is where he came upon the Cave of Wonders. He ventured into the cave (or the cave ate him because it entrance was a lions mouth) and came across huge piles of gold and more treasure than any one man could possibly have. In the very back of the cave, he came across the mother of all finds, a magic lamp. He released the genie from his cramped confines and in return, was granted three wishes.

Since Aladdin couldn’t wish for love, he wished for the next best thing, to be a Prince so he could marry the Princess. Then, using his magic, the genie turned Aladdin in to Prince Ali, complete with his own theme song. He waltzed into town and turned many head including the Sultan’s.

To get from living on the street to being a Prince, the genie had to use some magic, some PR magic!

No, not this kind of magic.

But really, I’m serious.

Dictionary.com defines “public relations” as “the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, and etc.”

I believe that the genie did this. All the genie used magic for was the clothing, conjuring up some people, and turning Abu into an elephant. Other than, the genie used public relations.

He created an event to let the people of the kingdom, and more importantly the royal family, know that he was a Prince. He set up the parade to show off the new Prince and how popular he is. The Genie tried his best to put his “client” in a good light and make him seem like a likeable person and marketable to the public.

Since the people in the kingdom didn’t have Facebook around back then, the genie had to get creative in his ways to “show-off” the new Prince. The parade was a huge success and scores of people turned out to witness it.

The genie took someone who was hated and  looked downed upon and turned them into someone regular people could cheer for.

A real rags to riches story.


Comments on: "Aladdin’s PR Success Story" (1)

  1. Mandy Drakeford said:

    Sam – Definitely an interesting take on PR. I like your definition of PR. I think it’s even more important for companies to view PR as a way to create and maintain relationships with the public. Aladdin also brings up a good point that PR is also responsible for image management. PR practitioners have understand they are representing the image of an organization.

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