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The Evil Step Sisters Strike

Before Cinderella met her Fairy God mother and Prince Charming, she was just a girl who had big dreams. She had her very own Twitter account that she uses to connect with her friends, Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine. She would share with them her hopes and her dreams as well as what her stepsisters are doing to make her life miserable.

One day, while Cinderella was out running errands for her mean stepmother, the evil stepsisters went into Cinderellas small corner room and decided to mess with with her Twitter account.

  1. The first think that the Stepsisters did was to set up and auto response. This started to make people think that the account that they were following is actually a spam account and not actually Cinderella.
  2. Next, they went through all her old tweets and started to repeat them. More and more people started to question the credibility of Cinderella’s Twitter account and unfollowed her because no one likes to see repeated information and tweets.
  3. Next, the three evil stepsisters decided that they wanted to use her account to sell not only their own items but sell Cinderella’s items to obtain a larger profit. People can get very annoyed when all you are doing is selling stuff on Twitter. That is what Craigslist and Ebay are for.
  4. Saying whatever the $&!% you want. They began to post obscenities left, right and center. There are some people that are on Twitter who do not like profanity. These people unfollowed Cinderella fast. They didn’t like to see the f-word all over their timeline and had enough.
  5. The last thing that the evil stepsisters did was claiming other people’s tweets as their own. People do not like and respect those who plagiarize. There is a retweet button for a reason.

The actions that the stepsisters did over the course of a few weeks resulted in a huge drop in number of followers for Cinderella. She felt as if she had no friends and was alone in the world.

The Evil stepsisters took away all credibility that Cinderella had built-up over the past few years. It will probably take her a lot longer to get her credibility back, if ever.

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Peter Pan’s Social Media Overload

It has been a hard time for Never Never Land.

Peter Pan has not been seen for weeks and the Indians and the Lost Children are beginning to worry about him. They have heard of Peter not being around or playing for a long time, but never this long.

The Lost Children decided that they needed to do something. They were tired of sitting around and waiting for Peter Pan to show his face. They thought something could be seriously wrong with him. The looked all over Never Never Land trying to find him. They first went to ask the Mermaids in their lagoon, then traveled to Crocidile Creek and even made the trecherous journey out to Skull Rock just to be sure. The Lost Children climbed the tallest mountains and explored the deepest caves, but Peter Pan could not be found.

They were about to give up when they all realized that they never checked Peter’s home. The rushed to his front door and threw it open. What they saw was a red-eye, open-mouthed Peter Pan staring at his computer screen which had both a Twitter page and a Facebook page open. They realized they needed help fast.

Boy did Peter Pan need help!

The Lost Children called upon their old friend Wendy, who just so happened to be a social media expert in the real world. She came as fast as she could in order to help Peter Pan. She helped him off the computer and laid him down to rest. Peter Pan soon fell fast asleep.

When he awoke, he was startled to realize that he spent a week on social media sites. He knew that he had to cut back his usage and asked Wendy for some help. She laid down some simple rules for him to follow.

Rule #1: Determine when you are most productive.

It wasn’t doing any good to keep posting updates during all times of the day. Peter needed to focus on what impacted his productivity the most, like the times he posts updates. Wendy told Peter that the best time for Twitter updates are:

  • 5 p.m. is the best time for retweets
  • the middle of the week
  • and 12-6 p.m. is  the best time overall for tweets.

She also told him the best time for Facebook:

  • Saturday is the best time to share
  • Noon is the most effective time to post.

Rule #2: Time Saving Tools

Peter Pan spent so much time trying to find links to articles and website pages that he was spending all day in his computer. Wendy told his that there were websites that could store all his links in categories and makes them easier to access. These sites include:

  • Reddit
  • StumpleUpon
  • Delicious

Also, to get rid of having both Facebook and Twitter up on the same tab, she recommended he use  social aggregators to help manage such as:

  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Seesmic

Peter Pan followed Wendy’s advice and now he doesn’t spend so much time on social media sites. He is now free to roam Never Never Land and play with all of it inhabitants.

Social media can be a powerful tool.

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Lightning McQueen and the Hashtag #Fail

Ever since winning the World Gran Prix and showing the world who Miles Axlerod really was, Lightning McQueen has experienced a significant drop in public support. People view him as a thing of the past, that he cannot keep up with the newer racing cars. To improve his image, he decided to use his favorite social media site, Twitter. He started a hashtag campaign.

Lightning McQueen

He used the #McQueenStories hashtag to have people share stories of watching him race, how inspirational he is, and how he is a good person in general. This campaign however, backfired on him.

People “high-jacked” the hashtag and began to write horrible things about him. One user told the story of how Lightning McQueen refused to sign an autograph for his young son because he was wearing the wrong colors. Another user said that he saw McQueen breaking several laws in a matter of a few blocks.

If it was at all possible, Lightning McQueen is now viewed even less favorably in the public’s eye than before.

The same thing happened to McDonald.

The Golden Arches

They started a hashtag campaign using the slogan, #MeetTheFarmers. Their goal was to get people to understand where the food that they are eating comes from. Later, they revised their campaign to #McDStories. This latest hashtag caused a huge roar.

People began telling horror stories about the fast food giant. Some included people getting sick and not being able to ever eat meat again. While others claimed they have had a chipped tooth because of something in their burgers. What I can assume are animal activist used #McDStories to show video clips and picture about how inhumanly the animals that are used for meat and other products are treated.

As soon as it was hijacked, McDonald started to distance themselves from the hashtag. Deemed the “#McFail”, people still continued to berate the company with stories about their experience and how gross their food is.

However, their original hashtag, #MeetTheFarmers, was a success because no one on Twitter hijacked it and it remained.

Now only if Lightning McQueen can come up with a different hashtag that is not #McQueenStories, he might have a change to improve his public image.

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Komen for the Cure Fiasco

Susan G. Komen

On Tuesday, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation announced that it would be cutting its funding for Planned Parenthood. The announcement created quite a buzz on social media sites and people began commenting and expression their anger toward the Foundation.

The breast cancer research group officially cut ties with the family planning organization after Komen for the Cure changed their policy. Komen for the Cure’s new policy says that they will be cutting funding for organizations that are currently being investigated by the local, state, and federal government. They are doing this to try and strengthen their grants program.

People have criticized this as a political move because of the hiring of Karen Handel who is a stanch supporter for pro-life. However, the founder of the Foundation and Susan’s sister, Nancy Brinker, went on MSNBC to defend her Foundation’s position. She claims that this move is not politically motivated at all and is strictly a policy issue.

However, the damage was done; Planned Parenthood put a picture on their Facebook page that read “Still Standing with Planned Parenthood”. As of writing this, the picture has 13,000 likes, 18,000 shares, and 1,000 comments.

Planned Parenthood

Donations have been pouring into the organization. The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, announced that he will match any donations to Planned Parenthood up to $250,000.

On the other side, people have not been so kind to the Komen for the Cure Foundation. There has been an outcry of rage against them. People have taken to Facebook and Twitter to express themselves. Their Facebook page has people commenting on the recent posts say that they will not support Komen again. The same level of disgust can be found on Twitter as well.

Komen for the Cure has tried to spin this saying that Planned Parenthood was ineligible because of the investigation but people don’t seem to care. Also, they are saying that they still have three grants with Planned Parenthood that they will continue to honor until the grants are up.

I myself, have been a supporter of Susan G. Komen for a number of years, running in the Race for the Cure, but now find myself at a cross roads. I still support their cause in finding a cure for breast cancer but I do not support their recent decision. The best thing that Komen can do now is to keep funding Planned Parenthood. If not, they will continue to see the same level of anger and resentment toward their foundation.

Just like Woody and Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story who were enemies that ended up almost ruining lives but in the end came together and became friends, Komen needs to admit their mistakes, own up to them and make amends.

They need to do an all-out makeover of their public image and promote themselves as advancing women’s healthcare.

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Creating a Social Media Presence

Mr. Incredible has just come out of superhero retirement and wants to start saving peoples live right away. He has had his job in the insurance industry for a long time and doesn’t know where to begin. He decided to create an online presence to help superhero groups find him and to connect with other superheroes.

His first step was creating a LinkedIn profile

  1. The most important part for Mr. Incredible was his picture. He wanted his picture to make him look like a superhero. He wanted it to be just him and not anyone else. It would be a bad idea for him to have a picture of him partying with his pal Frozone.
  2. The next step Mr. Incredible took was to list all the skills he has or that would be applicable to being a superhero. For example, he put that he has super strength and a heightened resistance to harm. Also, all of his five senses are enhanced.
  3. After he listed his skills, he put his previous work experience and his education down. He listed everything that he thought would look good. He put down his previous experience fighting evil and he listed his education and what schools he graduated from.
  4. Next he uploaded his resume to fill out the rest of his profile.
  5. He then asked his wife, who is also a superhero, and his befriend, Frozone, to write him a recommendation touting his skills and expertise in fighting crime.
  6. Finally, he connected with other other superheroes on LinkedIn by sending them a personal invitation to connect.
Good Profile Picture
Bad Profile Picture

For his second profile (because Mr. Incredible cannot manage more than one online profile at a time), Mr. Incredible wanted to create a Twitter profile.

  1. His first step was to pick an appropriate and professional Twitter handle, one that would include his name.
  2. Once again he had to pick a profile picture that seems professional, since he is trying to get a job.
  3. He had to type out a bio that would accurately describe who he is and what he is going to tweet about in 160 characters or less.
  4. After he found his picture and created a bio about himself, he started to follow people. He went to the website, www.wefollow.com, and looked for industry leaders in the superhero field. He found who was the most influential and followed them on Twitter.
  5. He retweeted what the industry leaders posted so they could see him name and Twitter handle in hopes of the industry leaders would know who he was.

In the end, Mr. Incredible, through his efforts on Twitter and LinkedIn, got a job interview with the “Super League of Heroes”. The League looked at his profile, liked what they saw, and decided that he would be a good fit with their group.

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