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Cruella de Vil: Blog Pitcher Extraordinaire

Cruella de Vil has been a fixture in the fashion industry for a long time. People respect her for her fur coats and her extensive knowledge of fashion and the fashion industry. She is always looking out for the next big idea in the fashion world so she can get a jump on it and be a trend setter. She also is fantastic at creating her own trends that spread throughout the world.

To be a trend setter, she must have good relations with writers. This is where she acts as her own public relations specialist. She must contacts writers to help her spread her style to the masses through the use of fashion bloggers. She knows that these people can be very picky about what they write about and are also extremely influential with their readers.

  1. The first thing that she does is use a personal email address when sending bloggers a blog pitch idea. This insures that the blogger feels a special connection with the person who is giving the pitch and they are more than likely going to write a piece about the idea. Also, since bloggers get a lot of spam emails from websites, viruses and companies, this ensures that the blogger knows exactly what the email is about and they know the source of the idea.
  2. Cruella always makes her subject lines quick and to the point. The more mysterious that the line is, the more often the blogger will pass over it and not pay any attention to what the point of the pitch is.
  3. She always address the blogger’s name if she can find it. It adds a personal touch to the message, making the blogger feel special.
  4. Creuella makes the first paragraph of the article simple and clear. She includes all relevant information like answering who, what, when, where, why and even how.
  5. The next paragraph she devotes to help bloggers find more about the information she presented in the previous paragraph. She links to her website that talks about her latest trend, where the inspiration for it came from and what exactly it details. She uses this portion of the pitch to start a conversation that, if the blogger wants, could have with Cruella.
  6. At the end of each pitch, she reiterates why she was writing the pitch and what exactly she would like the blogger to do.
  7. Her signature line reaffirms to the blogger who she actually is and where she is writing from.

By using these seven steps, Cruella had increased the amount of publicity she get in the blogging world. She has harnessed blogs with a great amount of success.

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