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The Evil Step Sisters Strike

Before Cinderella met her Fairy God mother and Prince Charming, she was just a girl who had big dreams. She had her very own Twitter account that she uses to connect with her friends, Snow White, Ariel and Jasmine. She would share with them her hopes and her dreams as well as what her stepsisters are doing to make her life miserable.

One day, while Cinderella was out running errands for her mean stepmother, the evil stepsisters went into Cinderellas small corner room and decided to mess with with her Twitter account.

  1. The first think that the Stepsisters did was to set up and auto response. This started to make people think that the account that they were following is actually a spam account and not actually Cinderella.
  2. Next, they went through all her old tweets and started to repeat them. More and more people started to question the credibility of Cinderella’s Twitter account and unfollowed her because no one likes to see repeated information and tweets.
  3. Next, the three evil stepsisters decided that they wanted to use her account to sell not only their own items but sell Cinderella’s items to obtain a larger profit. People can get very annoyed when all you are doing is selling stuff on Twitter. That is what Craigslist and Ebay are for.
  4. Saying whatever the $&!% you want. They began to post obscenities left, right and center. There are some people that are on Twitter who do not like profanity. These people unfollowed Cinderella fast. They didn’t like to see the f-word all over their timeline and had enough.
  5. The last thing that the evil stepsisters did was claiming other people’s tweets as their own. People do not like and respect those who plagiarize. There is a retweet button for a reason.

The actions that the stepsisters did over the course of a few weeks resulted in a huge drop in number of followers for Cinderella. She felt as if she had no friends and was alone in the world.

The Evil stepsisters took away all credibility that Cinderella had built-up over the past few years. It will probably take her a lot longer to get her credibility back, if ever.

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