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Zazu’s Pride Land Blog

Social Media has finally found its way to the Pride Lands, and King Simba wants to use it to show other animals what a great home he has. He decided to employ his trusted friend and adviser, Zazu.

Smartest hornbill in all the Pride Lands

Zazu has been with Simba since he was born. He previously worked for Simba’s evil uncle, Scar, and Simba’s own father, Musfasa. He has extensive knowledge about Social Media already because he visited his cousin, Iago, who is an expert in the Middle East.

Simba commissioned Zazu to start a blog. He told him some guidelines that he must follow that would up the creativity of the blog.

  1. He had to brainstorm ideas. Whenever he had to do a blog post, he had to consult with Simba, Nala or another one of the royal court to make sure that his idea was appropriate to write about.
  2. Most of the time, Zazu’s blog post was going to feature one of the inhabitants of the Pride Lands. He has to interview animals fairly and accurately and tell a story. Plus, by interviewing people, it would make writing a blog easier because other people answer the questions that you had for them. It would write itself.
  3. If he really wanted to change it up and provide credibility, he would let a guest writer submit a blog post. Simba could write a feature about the state of the Pride Lands, similar to the State of the Union that the President of the United States gives.
  4. Another possible blog post that would be creative would be to have a best-case study and a worst-case study. The topic could be wide ranging from watering holes, to hangout places.
  5. A big thing that could be an interesting post is for Zazu would be to share his successes and failures in his own professional life. This could provide some insight for other potential bloggers to learn from his success and failures.
  6. Combine two seemingly unrelated topics, and mash them together to make content more interesting. For instance, Zazu could talk about ruling a kingdom and how that compares to hunting. This is where Zazu can let his creativity grow and flourish.
  7. Zazu will need to look at current trends to see what people are talking about so his post’s can stay relevant. He will get more people to read his blog if he writes about things that animals are currently into.
  8. Write about that famous animal. Zazu could talk about, and interview that one giraff who save the monkey children from the rising flood waters. It would provide hard-hitting reporting while keeping people interested.
  9. Finally, the last piece of advice that was provided to Zazu was to make his blog as personal as possible. This will make it easier for people to relate to the blog posts and Zazu.

If Zazu follows these guidelines for blog posts, then his blog will be a success and a perfect model for others who want to get into the blogging game.

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