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Peter Pan’s Social Media Overload

It has been a hard time for Never Never Land.

Peter Pan has not been seen for weeks and the Indians and the Lost Children are beginning to worry about him. They have heard of Peter not being around or playing for a long time, but never this long.

The Lost Children decided that they needed to do something. They were tired of sitting around and waiting for Peter Pan to show his face. They thought something could be seriously wrong with him. The looked all over Never Never Land trying to find him. They first went to ask the Mermaids in their lagoon, then traveled to Crocidile Creek and even made the trecherous journey out to Skull Rock just to be sure. The Lost Children climbed the tallest mountains and explored the deepest caves, but Peter Pan could not be found.

They were about to give up when they all realized that they never checked Peter’s home. The rushed to his front door and threw it open. What they saw was a red-eye, open-mouthed Peter Pan staring at his computer screen which had both a Twitter page and a Facebook page open. They realized they needed help fast.

Boy did Peter Pan need help!

The Lost Children called upon their old friend Wendy, who just so happened to be a social media expert in the real world. She came as fast as she could in order to help Peter Pan. She helped him off the computer and laid him down to rest. Peter Pan soon fell fast asleep.

When he awoke, he was startled to realize that he spent a week on social media sites. He knew that he had to cut back his usage and asked Wendy for some help. She laid down some simple rules for him to follow.

Rule #1: Determine when you are most productive.

It wasn’t doing any good to keep posting updates during all times of the day. Peter needed to focus on what impacted his productivity the most, like the times he posts updates. Wendy told Peter that the best time for Twitter updates are:

  • 5 p.m. is the best time for retweets
  • the middle of the week
  • and 12-6 p.m. is  the best time overall for tweets.

She also told him the best time for Facebook:

  • Saturday is the best time to share
  • Noon is the most effective time to post.

Rule #2: Time Saving Tools

Peter Pan spent so much time trying to find links to articles and website pages that he was spending all day in his computer. Wendy told his that there were websites that could store all his links in categories and makes them easier to access. These sites include:

  • Reddit
  • StumpleUpon
  • Delicious

Also, to get rid of having both Facebook and Twitter up on the same tab, she recommended he use  social aggregators to help manage such as:

  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Seesmic

Peter Pan followed Wendy’s advice and now he doesn’t spend so much time on social media sites. He is now free to roam Never Never Land and play with all of it inhabitants.

Social media can be a powerful tool.

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Anon Threatens Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg

In Disney’s 2010 movie, Tron: Legacy, the main character, Kevin Flynn creates a digital world where he and his digital counter-part, Clu, create buildings and an entire society. He eventually gets trapped and had to get his son to come into the game and rescue him but Kevin ends up sacrificing his life so his son and a “program” from the digital world can escape into the real world.

Mark Zuckerberg created something similar to Tron. He made his own digital world where people can share photos, stories, and connect with friends and family. Although Zuckerberg did not have to get rescued by his son from the social network, it is still possible to get sucked into the site and spend many hours sifting through peoples data.

Now imagine that it was possible for a group of social activists to overload the many servers at Facebook’s headquarters. That is what the group called Anonymous (or shortened to Anon) claims they can do with help from the public. On a YouTube video posted two days, they said that they were going to take down the world’s largest social network with the help of others. They instructed people to download a program provided in the description and on January 28, 2012, people are supposed to run the program which over loads the servers and, essentially, shut down Facebook. This is part of a larger plan called Operation Global Blackout.

Imagine if Anon had gone after Kevin Flynn. With their vast network of hackers, they could infiltrate Tron, and could have shut down a whole other world.

Tron: Legacy

In real life, Anon can make Facebook and its multitude of servers located in many places throughout the United States, extremely vulnerable to hackers not associated with Anon. By making the servers available, the hacker could go through and download thousands and possibly millions of user’s personal data.

However, I am part of the group that doesn’t believe that this will actually happen. Since Anon is a loose group of hackers, they are extremely unorganized and rely on word of mouth communication to deliver messages.

I’m sure people like Kevin Flynn and Mark Zuckerberg have thought this could happen at some point and have put in safeguards to protect people’s information.