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Public Relations Dwarf and his Press Releases

Most people know about the seven dwarfs that lived with Snow White. What people do not know is that there are more dwarfs. Their names range anywhere from Athletic Dwarf to Party Dwarf to CEO Dwarf. They all work for the mine in some capacity whether it is for the mine headquarters or as a miner.

One dwarf in particular was named Public Relations Dwarf. It was his job to get information to Newspaper Dwarf so he could write stories in the Dwarf Times. He dealt with the most important topic in all of Dwarfdom, the mine. The Dwarfs relied heavily on the mine not only for a source of income but also for shelter, for you see, when a mine is tapped out of reasources, the Dwarfs move into the mine. It is their protection from the elements as well as from animals and humans.

PR Dwarf

Over the course of a week, PR Dwarf began to notice that his mine information was not getting published. He was puzzled because if the mine is so important, why aren’t his stories about the mine getting put in the paper. He immediately contacted Newspaper Dwarf to get to the bottom of this issue.

On the fifth ring of the phone, he finally got to Newspaper Dwarf. He asked about why his press releases were not being made into stories. Newspaper Dwarf had five reasons for him.

  1. PR Dwarf’s releases were too long. PR Dwarf looked back on his recent press releases and realized that they had been over three pages. Newspaper Dwarf did not have the time to sift through three pages of information.
  2. Next, PR Dwarf realized that he sent out way too many releases. On one day alone, he sent Newspaper Dwarf five press releases. Not everything that PR Dwarf sent was newsworthy. He understood that not every little thing that happens in the mine is newsworthy like an ax that broke today.
  3. He promised Newspaper Dwarf that he could have exclusive coverage to a new tunnel that was being mined but much to the dismay of Newspaper Dwarf, PR Dwarf said the same thing to a rival newspaper and they broke the story first. PR Dwarf realized that integrity is key. He should have kept the exclusive report only for Newspaper Dwarf.
  4. Newspaper Dwarf also told him that he would never return his calls for follow-up information and access to interviews. Since Newspaper Dwarf couldn’t get the information he needed for his story, he had to move on to another story.
  5. In some press releases, Newspaper Dwarf showed PR Dwarf that he made some outrageous claims. He made it seem like the miners found diamonds in mass quantities when in reality, all they found was a little bit of coal. By making outrageous claims, PR Dwarf compromised his integrity and Newspaper Dwarf couldn’t really trust him.

They did not find diamonds.

PR Dwarf took all of Newspaper Dwarf’s critizism and started to change his ways. Now he has a better relationship with Newspaper Dwarf and now get all his important stories into the newspaper.

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