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Cruella de Vil: Blog Pitcher Extraordinaire

Cruella de Vil has been a fixture in the fashion industry for a long time. People respect her for her fur coats and her extensive knowledge of fashion and the fashion industry. She is always looking out for the next big idea in the fashion world so she can get a jump on it and be a trend setter. She also is fantastic at creating her own trends that spread throughout the world.

To be a trend setter, she must have good relations with writers. This is where she acts as her own public relations specialist. She must contacts writers to help her spread her style to the masses through the use of fashion bloggers. She knows that these people can be very picky about what they write about and are also extremely influential with their readers.

  1. The first thing that she does is use a personal email address when sending bloggers a blog pitch idea. This insures that the blogger feels a special connection with the person who is giving the pitch and they are more than likely going to write a piece about the idea. Also, since bloggers get a lot of spam emails from websites, viruses and companies, this ensures that the blogger knows exactly what the email is about and they know the source of the idea.
  2. Cruella always makes her subject lines quick and to the point. The more mysterious that the line is, the more often the blogger will pass over it and not pay any attention to what the point of the pitch is.
  3. She always address the blogger’s name if she can find it. It adds a personal touch to the message, making the blogger feel special.
  4. Creuella makes the first paragraph of the article simple and clear. She includes all relevant information like answering who, what, when, where, why and even how.
  5. The next paragraph she devotes to help bloggers find more about the information she presented in the previous paragraph. She links to her website that talks about her latest trend, where the inspiration for it came from and what exactly it details. She uses this portion of the pitch to start a conversation that, if the blogger wants, could have with Cruella.
  6. At the end of each pitch, she reiterates why she was writing the pitch and what exactly she would like the blogger to do.
  7. Her signature line reaffirms to the blogger who she actually is and where she is writing from.

By using these seven steps, Cruella had increased the amount of publicity she get in the blogging world. She has harnessed blogs with a great amount of success.

Original article here.


Jack Sparrow, Public Relations Expert

Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean was Disneyland’s famous log fume ride turned movie. Producer extraordinaire, Jerry Bruckheimer took a child’s fantasy ride and created a movie that lasted two hours and grossed over $46.6 million on the first weekend.

Bruckheimer and Johnny Depp brought the main character of Captain Jack Sparrow to the main screen. Sparrow captivated audiences with his wit, charm and his wavering allegiances to both the good side and the bad side. He single-handedly made the pirate look cool again.

See how cool he looks?

The movie franchise went on to create three more movies and grossed over $3.7 billion worldwide.

I just recently decided to watch the movie out of sheer boredness, and after I finished with the first movie, I thought that Captain Jack Sparrow would be a good Vice President of Public Relations for a pirating business (if they had a legit business).

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Knowledge: Sparrow has been a pirate for pretty much all his life. He knows the ins and outs of the trade. He knows what common mistakes that young pirates make and knows the general public perception of pirating. He could possibly use this knowledge to combat peoples pre-determined misconceptions of how pirates act and behave and counter their attacks. There is once scene in particular where he is talking to Captain Norrington and is trying to explain why Norrington should let him go free and actually succeeded.
  2. This brings me to my second point, Captain Jack Sparrow is charismatic. He is able to woo women and charm his way into what he wants. He used his charismatic ways on the rum traders that came to the island he was trapped on. He managed to cop a ride with them back to civilization instead of what people believed his did, which was ride off on sea turtles.
  3. He doesn’t give up. Sparrow always goes for what he wants, whether it be gold or his ship. He commandeered the fastest ship in the Royal Navy just so he could chase his beloved Black Pearl. He always goes after what he want and wont stop until he gets its. Gold is another thing that Sparrow loves and tries at all times to procure more of it. He will do what it takes to get what he wants.
  4. Experience: He might not have any public relations experience but he sure does have a lot of pirating experience to draw upon!

I feel as if all of Sparrow’s qualities are expressed nicely in this video of him by the Lonely Island featuring Michael Bolton:

What they Mighty Ducks Can Teach Us About Public Relations

I don’t know whether it is the fact that it is snowing right now in Eugene or that the NHL season is in full swing, but I have found myself watching Disney’s,  The Mighty Ducks. It might be the music or the constant “quack” chants, but the movie still gets me. The story of Adam Banks, Charlie Conway, Gordon Bombay and of course the Bash Bros. is a wonderful story about teamwork and the will to success and overcome any obstacle.

Julie "The Cat" Gaffney

In watching these movies for probably the 100th time, I began to draw parallels between coaching in sports, and the public relations industry.

  1. You must think on your feet. Coach Bombay must decide when to make a line change to bring on fresh legs. PR practitioners must be ready to make a change on the fly to make sure their message is being delivered accurately. They must decided what is important and what needs to be seen by the right people.
  2. Both must deal with adversity. Bombay had to face Team Iceland twice in the second Mighty Ducks movie. The Ducks/Team USA got their buts handed to them in the first game and where down for most of the second game. Bombay had to stay cool and keep a level head so he could coach his team to a gold medal in the Junior Goodwill Games. There will always be negative Nancy’s in the world and public relations professionals must learn how to deal with them. Some people might not like the plan that they drew up or how they are going about implementing it but it is up to the person to try their best to ignore these people and continue with what they think is the right idea and plan.
  3. It feels great when a plan comes together. When the Ducks won, both players and Coach Bombay were extremely relieved and ecstatic. Same goes when a PR plan is realized and achieved. People are all around happy.
  4. Both PR practitioners and Coach Bombay continue to look forward. Once a hockey game was over, Bombay brought his team together and they immediately began looking to the future and planning for the next game. PR pros must start preparing for their next assignment and not spend too much time reveling in their recent victory.

Movie info found here.

Aladdin’s PR Success Story

It took only a few rubs of a magic lamp for Aladdin’s life to completely change.

He went from a “street rat” to Prince in no time at all, and all it took was the voice of Robin Williams.

PR magic!

Of the three wishes the genie granted Aladdin, one was to be a Prince so he could catch the eye of the local Princess. He had seen her one day when she escaped the confines of her castle and set to roaming the streets of the city they both lived in. It was love at first sight for Aladdin but there was one problem; they were of a different social class and their marriage would be forbidden and shunned by everyone.

After his initial contact with the Princess, he was arrested, thrown in jail and then followed an old hermit into the desert. This is where he came upon the Cave of Wonders. He ventured into the cave (or the cave ate him because it entrance was a lions mouth) and came across huge piles of gold and more treasure than any one man could possibly have. In the very back of the cave, he came across the mother of all finds, a magic lamp. He released the genie from his cramped confines and in return, was granted three wishes.

Since Aladdin couldn’t wish for love, he wished for the next best thing, to be a Prince so he could marry the Princess. Then, using his magic, the genie turned Aladdin in to Prince Ali, complete with his own theme song. He waltzed into town and turned many head including the Sultan’s.

To get from living on the street to being a Prince, the genie had to use some magic, some PR magic!

No, not this kind of magic.

But really, I’m serious.

Dictionary.com defines “public relations” as “the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, and etc.”

I believe that the genie did this. All the genie used magic for was the clothing, conjuring up some people, and turning Abu into an elephant. Other than, the genie used public relations.

He created an event to let the people of the kingdom, and more importantly the royal family, know that he was a Prince. He set up the parade to show off the new Prince and how popular he is. The Genie tried his best to put his “client” in a good light and make him seem like a likeable person and marketable to the public.

Since the people in the kingdom didn’t have Facebook around back then, the genie had to get creative in his ways to “show-off” the new Prince. The parade was a huge success and scores of people turned out to witness it.

The genie took someone who was hated and  looked downed upon and turned them into someone regular people could cheer for.

A real rags to riches story.