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What they Mighty Ducks Can Teach Us About Public Relations

I don’t know whether it is the fact that it is snowing right now in Eugene or that the NHL season is in full swing, but I have found myself watching Disney’s,  The Mighty Ducks. It might be the music or the constant “quack” chants, but the movie still gets me. The story of Adam Banks, Charlie Conway, Gordon Bombay and of course the Bash Bros. is a wonderful story about teamwork and the will to success and overcome any obstacle.

Julie "The Cat" Gaffney

In watching these movies for probably the 100th time, I began to draw parallels between coaching in sports, and the public relations industry.

  1. You must think on your feet. Coach Bombay must decide when to make a line change to bring on fresh legs. PR practitioners must be ready to make a change on the fly to make sure their message is being delivered accurately. They must decided what is important and what needs to be seen by the right people.
  2. Both must deal with adversity. Bombay had to face Team Iceland twice in the second Mighty Ducks movie. The Ducks/Team USA got their buts handed to them in the first game and where down for most of the second game. Bombay had to stay cool and keep a level head so he could coach his team to a gold medal in the Junior Goodwill Games. There will always be negative Nancy’s in the world and public relations professionals must learn how to deal with them. Some people might not like the plan that they drew up or how they are going about implementing it but it is up to the person to try their best to ignore these people and continue with what they think is the right idea and plan.
  3. It feels great when a plan comes together. When the Ducks won, both players and Coach Bombay were extremely relieved and ecstatic. Same goes when a PR plan is realized and achieved. People are all around happy.
  4. Both PR practitioners and Coach Bombay continue to look forward. Once a hockey game was over, Bombay brought his team together and they immediately began looking to the future and planning for the next game. PR pros must start preparing for their next assignment and not spend too much time reveling in their recent victory.

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